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A big Chinese software developer company asked us to create an animation series for their advertising campaign for a Student Assistance application. We had to bring warmth to those cute characters, PanPan and Yaoya and our adventure began.

First we reviewed the whole story together to get more familiar with the client’s concept and make everything clear. Then we went after designing scenes and made storyline.

It’s rigging turn. Characters needed advance rigging to be able to express facial expressions, limbs movement, body and head rotation in other directions. Also after analysing audiences from the culture side, we decided to use feeling expressions like Japanese Animes to make it more spicy

Regard to elaborate story of this animation we needed various environment scenes and also define camera angles and some tiny things like some sequences which are next to each other but they have reversal cameras and etc

And we cared about making Phenomenons logically and naturally regard physical rules like gravity, interactions and even inertia in characters movements and other objects.