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Good Doctor is a health brand integrating pharmaceutical industry & business, medical services, Chinese medicinal materials base. They wanted animation series for their advertising campaign. We had found out this project is so exciting because its story was awesome in addition to huge creative freedom.

Hundreds of millions of years ago, a group of aliens came to earth, they found a weapon on earth that can resist disease. But at the same time,A group of evil aliens also arrived. And battle after battles… Regarding this story we should design characters with different roles in each group and also design earth people.

Our long meetings with coffee started at the idea room. Story had to get extended and decisions for tiny details like characters’ strengths and weaknesses, hierarchy and even their reaction to injuries, etc which will enable us to animate them. We provided some animated samples of characters to show them their walking and communication style.

Now it’s time to composite all environment designs, characters, animation effects and then Astonish audiences with sound designing and Inject excitement into their body.