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Shooting Tutorial Intro

A popular and famous shooting teacher needed Intro for his tutorial videos. We should use a rich and appeal style to be able to cover different subjects. And this episode was about “۱۰ tips for people who have camera phobia! ”

First we sent various styles to the client to choose his favourite mode. We always care a lot about pre-production because clients know about the final export and won’t be unfamiliar with the final render!

Now it’s turn to creating the appropriate story line for this episode and designing the storyboard. Our challenge for this project was what shooting tips will treat this phobia. After exploring it (As much as it turned us to camera knights) We implemented the story of this episode in Storyboard.

Our next challenge was we needed speedy video and also we didn’t want to break the connection of sequences so we decided to move some objects to next scenes too and hold some objects in common.