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Chen, asked us to bring people to a new world and introduce it to them, Autism! Watching the world with their eyes and touching objects with their hands. We should have provided walking on their colorful and beautiful world of autism.

After animation’s style confirmation, it was 3 year old Salem’s character designing turn. We designed him regard to kid’s anatomy and with different cloth models. Also we needed him from different angles and views which we did too.

 We needed many different and vast environments because Salem wanted to run, fly, jump and walk in many ways. So we holded his hand and asked him to guide us to his world’s jungle, sea, city to make us more familiar with the sky’s color, whether to car models.

As we said, Salem wanted to make different kinds of movements for him which needed many performances but it has been complicated because of limited time and resources. Luckily after our Creative Director’s decision we made puppet rig and used more optimized key poses.